As our name states, this is The Best Book Club — especially if you are a high-achiever with a desire to expand your life and mind through personal development reading. 

Who Are We?

We’re a community of business owners, coaches, and corporate leaders who come together to connect and discuss how reading has expanded our perspectives and improved our personal and professional lives.

What do we read?

We choose from a list of personal development books and vote on one to read for the month. The list consists of books submitted by our club members that revolve around the topics of mindset, habits, leadership, money, resilience, spirituality, and other self-help sub-genres. 

Click HERE to see a list of the books.

How does it work?

We share our insights from the reading, we ask questions, and we update each other on the book throughout the month in the Best Book Club Facebook group. This encourages connection with each other and holds us accountable for reading, applying, and reflecting on the book’s topic for the month. 

We also have a large Zoom discussion on the last Thursday of the month at 6 pm MT, where we review the book, exchange our thoughts, and share how it changed our perspectives.  

Club members who engage in the Facebook group and attend the Zoom call are entered to win the monthly challenge where the most engaged club member wins the next month’s book for free.

How do I know if The Best Book Club is the right club for me?

Are you a high-achiever craving connection and intelligent conversations about growth, expansion, habits, mindset, etc.?
We have over 20 members — each high-achieving and creative women who run their own businesses, lead corporate teams, and/or coach other women in a variety of areas. 

You’ll finally find the online group where you can be fully you without having to tone it down or worry about intimidating someone. 

You can ask your questions, share your insights, and apply the concepts from the books, free from judgment and worry. 

Are you ready to deep dive into the world of personal development through books and audiobooks? 

 We choose our monthly book as a club (there is no pre-defined book list) to make sure you read the books that are on your to-read list. 

Our members read the monthly book on their e-readers, through audio tools like Audible, and/or the hardback or paperback copy. However you read and retain best, is what we recommend. 

There is no one size fits all to personal development and we encourage you to read, take notes, apply, listen, and any other way that helps you explore book concepts and ideas.

Are you already an avid reader but want to bring it all together through thoughtful and powerful discussions?

We share our takeaways, insights, and questions throughout the month in our private Facebook group. 

Our posts are thought-provoking and encouraging while also being inclusive and fun. 

 We also have a monthly, 1-hour Zoom call on the last Thursday of the month to dive deep into the book and share our perspectives and opinions. 

Are you interested in exploring books that can change your life but you might not have read otherwise?

Because our book list is compiled by our members, it means that we get a wide variety of books to choose from.

Some books you may have never heard of and others that are on your personal to-read list. Either way, it’s exciting to read and explore books and concepts that you may have never of read otherwise. 

And we’ve found that the right book comes along at the right time to truly shift the perspectives and up-level the lives of our members. 

Have you tried to build the habit of growth-minded books before but struggled to maintain the habit?

We have the best kind of accountability. The club is a no-pressure environment and we love your insights whether you’ve finished the book or not. 

However, because we’re posting in the Facebook group throughout the month and sharing our experiences with the book, it often encourages the habit of reading and sharing in ways that you may not have experienced before 
— helping you build the habit of reading and applying the concepts. 

The Best Book Club is the place for you.

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A book club dedicated to you,
and networking with like minded people.


How long has the club been active?

We’ve been an online book club for 2 years and are 20+ members strong with high-achievers from all across the United States.


How much does The Best Book Club cost?

$17.95 per month. We’ve found that our club members are more engaged in the community and more likely to benefit from the books when the club has a paid membership. 

The cost of membership does not include the monthly book selection as we have several members who prefer to listen to audiobooks or read ebooks over hard copies. 


How can I become a member?

Click on one of the buttons on this page to get registered.

After you’ve registered to join, you’ll receive an email with instructions and be added to the Best Book Club Facebook group.

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